This application helps you to push e-mail signatures into mail 8.5.1+ databases of users specified by name or group. The basic principle is that you create one or more signature templates in this application. Each signature template contains a Rich Text signature for Lotus Notes clients and an HTML signature for iNotes (DWA, Domino Web Access). When you apply the signature template, a prompt allows you to specify a different user/group or just accepting the [default] group as specified on the signature template document.

A signature template contains the DXL and HTML signature that may contain formatted text, images/ image refs, and formula 'mail-merge fields' as <@>@Name([CN];Fullname);. These fields can be used to look-up information from the relevant Person document. When the template is pushed out to the users, the formula is executed replacing it with its result, making the signature personal.

Updating signatures can be done without end-user intervention. With 8.5.1 signatures are stored in profile documents in the mail database. This enables an administrator to push out a signature using this application.

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