There are five folders:

  • OdaDemoAppDomino contains the Osgi plugin application source code
  • OdaDemoAppDominoCompiled contains the compiled Update Site for the Osgi application. It will be available on
  • OdaDemoAppDominoFeature contains the Feature project for the Osgi plugin application
  • OdaDemoAppDominoUpdate contains the Update Site project for the Osgi plugin application
  • OdaDemoAppLiberty contains the CrossWorlds project for use on a Websphere Liberty server running CrossWorlds

The web.xml file in the source code defines some settings:

  • The demo databases are generated from a template that is the Extension Library demo database. It is expected to be at extlibnew/xpagesext.nsf. NOTE: A new view needs adding AllContactsByState, categorised on State
    field. AllStates view needs sorting on Key field (first column).
  • The demo databases will be generated into the odademo_osgi folder on the server for the OSGi app and the odademo folder on the server for the CrossWorlds app
  • The development time username is defined in the web.xml. It is defined as Mickey Mouse/Disney. This will need adding to the ACLs or Defaul Access setting to Editor.


If you're interested in helping out with this project, all help is welcome. Although it is built with Vaadin, XPages developers who have experience of Java should not be put off - Vaadin has a shallow learning curve for XPages developers who are comfortable with setValue(), getValue() and the basic setter/getter process for XPages components. As with the previous demo database, there is a huge amount of templating. All pages just extend BasePage class, which does the majority of the functionality for you. Each page contains one or more subPages, which extend the BaseSubPage class, which again does a lot of the functionality required. With a brief overview from me, I think most confident XPages developers could be confident in creating content for the application.