Mail Signature adds signatures to mail. Mail Signature can handle different signatures for mails taht are routed inside a Notes Network or sent via SMTP.

You can use a logo in a signature. The logo can be either an embedded image or an attachment.

Signatures are added depending on the senders name. If no macht can be found on the name, MailSignature will look for wildcard configurations ( i.e. */foo/acme/com )

The download contains two components

- addin ( Windows 32/64 Bit and Linux ( compiled and tested on SUSE 11 )

- configuration application

- full source code is included

The extension manager has been rewritten fron the original TriggerHappy code. It has been ported to 64Bit and Linux

The extension manager hooks into the router task and triggers an LS agent in the configuration application whenever a mail arrives in ( it does not change the mail when the SMTP task receives a mail from the web )

To activate MailSignature, copy the signature.nsf database to the root of your server, sign it and fill in some configuration.

Copy the addin too the root of the domino binary dir and add the following lines to notes.ini

;======  MAIL SIGNATURE END =====

The MAIL_SIGNATURE_LICENSE is only for demonstrtion purpose. If it is absent or does not contail a valid license code, "Evaluation copy " will be displayed on the console on addin startup.



License Information

Copyright 2012, Ulrich Krause, Germany

Mail Signature is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Layout taken ( and slightly modified  ) from the OpenNTF Project myWebGate Social Software

Copyright 2012, WebGate Consulting AG

myWebGate is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0