All templates that are deployed during server installation have the same replicaID. This can cause some unpredictable results when replication all files ( including templates ) across servers.

In his "Admin Blast" session at BLUG 2011, Paul Mooney suggested to remove all templates from the server that are not currently used.

Domino Template Manager will create a list of templates that reside on a Domino server. You will then be able to


  • change the replica ID of the templates individually.
  • remove templates that are not currently used. The .ntf files will be zipped and attached to the NTF-Profile document in Domino Template Manager
  • the "archived" templates can be restored if needed.


Parts of this project will use code that is included in Rocky Olivers "Surely Template" and Tim Tripconys "dPloy" also published on OpenNTF.