Cebulon ( don't ask for the meaning, there is no such ) is a set of Lotusscript Libraries to get values from and modify NotesRichText items on the Compund Document Record ( CD Record ) level.

This stuff is normally done using the c-Api toolkit. But there are also possibilities to accomplish the aim using LS2CAPI technique.

The first release is a copy of the sample database I used during my presentation on C-API for Beginners at EntwicklerCamp 2010

It basically contains 2 Classes and a set of lotusscript libraries.

All functions work on Windows and Linux. Tested with Notes 8.5.1 on XP, WIN7 and Linux Karmic ( 9.10)

You can get/ set the $footer/ $header items of a document. You can also get information about images embedded in a rich text item in a document.

I know that stuff like this is not as sexy as doing state-of-the-art xyz-pages applications on the client, iPhone ore even a coffee maker. And there are 3rd-party tools that can do a much better job than a few lines of LS code. But YOU can learn from the code. YOU can learn, how Notes RichText items work internally. And maybe some day YOU can contribute a feature to this project.

Much appreciated.