An Open Source Backoffice/ Helpdesk System for Lotus Notes/ Domino 7++ ( multi-language enabled )

Languages : German/ English

Short Installation Guide :

1. After downloading and unzipping the template, create a new database on a Domino server.

2. Modify the ACL - to make sure that your name is listed with Manager rights, plus add the [ADMIN] role. ( Without this, the "Configuration" menu option does not display. On a local db, you may need to enable the ACL Advanced option "Enforce consistent ACL across all replicas", then close and reopen the database.)

3. New in V 2 : After opening the database there are no navigation, label etc. - so you have to load the settings into the cache and sign the application : Actions -> Setup -> Cache Config Views/ SignDB. After this you have to reopen the db.

4. The first thing most people will want to do is to set the language. Click the button "Sprachen" that is on the left-side menu, and select "EN" for English (or the appropriate language) from the prompt box.

5. Next, click the button in the upper-left that says "Open Calls", "Closed Calls", or "Statistics" to get the menu choice for "Configuration"

Go to Language Documents, and use the action button "language tools" >> "check language documents" which will prompt for a "From Language" and a "To Language". Do it both ways from DE to EN and from EN to DE.

6. Then use "language tools" >> "RefreshAllDocs"

7. For U.S. users, change the values in the keyword doc for STATISTICS/ DTC_EXCLUDE_DATES (non-working dates, holidays for this year) to: 01/01/2008,02/18/2008,05/26/2008,07/04/2008,09/01/2008,11/27/2008,12/25/2008,01/01/2009

8. New in V 2 : You find more documentation and information inside the application under "Information -> Technotes"

( Thanks to Don Mottolo )