The OpenNTF XPages development contest sponsored by the IBM business partner We4IT is still going on.

Contribute your open source project between now and June 3th and have a chance to win $800 for controls and $1600 for full applications.$file/DevelopmentContest_banner.jpg/

So far we've received 16 submissions. While there are already quite a lot of controls, there are relative few applications. Applications contain all functionality end users need to fulfill certain tasks. Applications can/should provide configuration options but must not require developers to write code to use them.

Here is a list again of potential submissions for the applications category:

- Stream of entries from various social networks (in difference to Wildfire web based)
- Notes chicklets for web as web based navigator to apps
- Analysis tool to track how many certain web pages have been visited
- Notification system if certain Notes documents have changed
- Personal document library federating docs from Dropbox, Connections, LotusLive etc.
- Personal bookmarks federating from Twitter, Connections, etc.
- URL shortener app
- Extensions to the Information Retrieval app, e.g. mobile interface
- Gamification system for XPages apps
- Simple project/team task management app with mobile interface

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