In October 2010 OpenNTF launched the website which has more than 600 visitors in average per business day.

The home page of this site contains an XPages news aggregator. Since the launch of 1250 news entries have been added and the amount of daily news is increasing. Last month there were 135 entries which are six entries per business day.

The goal of the aggregator is to make it easier for XPages developers to stay up to date on XPages news and discussions so that they don't have to go to different places to find news. The aggregator federates from different sources:
1) Blogs, primarily the ones listed on
2) Questions from StackOverflow tagged with xpages
3) Questions from the XPages forum
4) XPages related snippets from XSnippets
5) New articles from the XPages wiki
6) Other links on Twitter in tweets tagged with xpages

The aggregator does not federate everything XPages related but only higher quality entries. For example it does not list questions (from StackOverflow, the forum or blogs) without answers. It also does not list trivial questions or redundant questions. This filtering is done to make it easier for developers to find valueable information and to reduce the noise. Non English articles are typically not added to When exceptions are made the links are changed to translated versions.

In order to achieve this, content on is maintained manually which is more work for one person but hopefully valueable for many other people.

The aggregator lists essentially only the titles of the news entries, links, author names,  and the first one or two sentences. This is to ensure that readers go to the full articles, esp. blogs since the authors often want people to come to their sites. For bloggers on PlanetLotus the PlanetLotus links are used.

The home page always shows the latest 15 entries. At the bottom of the home page is a link 'more news' which opens another page with older entries.

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