Kyle Yu and Lin Tang have created a new project - Topology Graph for IBM Lotus Domino.

Here is their description:

The app can show the topology of a Domino comain. It can give Domino admins an overview of the mail routing topology.
The Domino servers in a domain are categorized by NNN (Notes Named Network) and shown as moveable nodes on the page. Each node represents a NNN.
The lines between nodes show the connections between the NNNs.
The arrows show the direction of the connections.
The numbers in the middle of lines show the weight of connections.
You can drag the nodes to move them. By clicking a node, another page will be opened, shown the detail server info of this NNN. By click the server name on this page, another page will be opened that shows the topology with the server in the center of the graph.

A picture named M2

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