So far we've received four controls and one application for the OpenNTF XPages Development contest sponsored by IBM Business Partner We4IT. Contribute your open source project between now and June 3th and have a chance to win $800 for controls and $1600 for full applications. Here are some ideas what types of controls and applications could be submitted (no particular order).

For controls you can check out the long list of controls developers submitted for the first two contests. There are also many Dojo widgets, jQuery plugins and jQuery Mobile controls that could nicely be wrapped up in reusable XPages controls. Stephan Wissel blogged about other ideas and some companies provide controls for other platforms, e.g. telerik and Devexpress.

One control which is not covered in these references is a generic data synchronization control to replicate data from server side NSFs to smartphones and make it available to WebKit based apps.

Other possibilities are sets of controls encapsulating functionality to access a social network, e.g. the LinkedIn controls.

Here is a list of potential submissions for the applications category:

- Stream of entries from various social networks (in difference to Wildfire web based)
- Notes chicklets for web as web based navigator to apps
- Analysis tool to track how many certain web pages have been visited
- Notification system if certain Notes documents have changed
- Personal document library federating docs from Dropbox, Connections, LotusLive etc.
- Personal bookmarks federating from Twitter, Connections, etc.
- URL shortener app
- Extensions to the Information Retrieval app, e.g. mobile interface
- Gamification system for XPages apps
- Simple project/team task management app with mobile interface

If you have other ideas but cannot implement them, please respond to this blog entry and I'll add them to this list later.

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