I've played around with the new Domino Access Services (DAS) and I'm very excited. Since we're still finalizing the last details I wanted to share some more details before we'll release this on OpenNTF. Here is an overview that the developers Dave Delay, Rama Annavajhala and Stephen Auriemma provided.

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The Domino Data Service is a built-in service that represents Domino data in JSON format. Once you install the extension library, you can begin using the data service without creating an XPage or adding any Java code to the Domino server.

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The XPages REST Services Control is a component you add to an XPage. Often you add other controls to the page that directly reference the REST Services control. For example, a Dojo Data Grid can reference a REST Services control on the same page. Once you save the page, the service also becomes available outside the page through a well-known URL.

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A Custom Database Servlet is a Java class you add to a database design. The servlet handles incoming HTTP requests usually by delegating to one of the REST service classes in the extension library. This type of REST service requires detailed knowledge of the Java programming language, but you have complete control over the definition of the service.

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