In order to test the new (coming soon) functionality of the Social Enabler project, I've created a little sample app 'Universal Inbox'. This app can be used to check quickly for updates from various sources without having to launch the specific apps. This could be useful to quickly check for updates in the morning when still laying in bed or in my case check for updates in the evening from the couch via iPad.

While I think that the scenario is a good one, the app is really only to proof the new APIs rather than providing a full app with a new interface for existing services. You can get updates from Twitter, Facebook, the IBM Social Business Toolkit, IBM Connections, IBM Lotus Domino mail or any other Domino applications. The data is read via REST services mostly using JSON and sometimes Atom.

Watch this two minutes video to see the app in action.

There is no tone yet. So you might have to pause a couple of times to understand what's going on but it should be self explanatory. I've planned to create another video with more details and a description of the new Social Enabler functionality.

It would be necessary to add functionality and an UI to easily subscribe to these sources for a real production app. Also it would have to be possible to launch into the specific apps to actually respond and perform actions (right now the app is only read only).

Screenshot (full resolution):

A picture named M2

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