I've been asked by several people which controls they could build for the XPages Development Contest. So here is a list of ideas and some references. Just note that you are not limited to only the controls below and we don't have preferences for certain controls at this point.

As I wrote in the announcement two good examples are the login control from Ferry Kranenburg and the Dojo based charting control from Julian Buss. Additionally you can find more open source controls in the Apache catalog that could give you ideas or that you could use as starting points.

Here are some controls that I've often heard customers asking for.

* Rating control for arbitrary URLs (something like a like button for esp. company internal sites)

* Poll control (ask a question and render the results. Potential starting point)

* Feedback control for arbitrary URLs (basically comments for esp. company internal sites)

* Send mail control (picks up context; maybe as mail and/or form)

* Graphic/charting controls (e.g. Gannt chart) connected to data sources

* Picture gallery controls in various forms and shapes

* PDF export control (client and/or server side)

* Async file upload (see Bildr and FileSendr)

There are also many Dojo widgets that could nicely be wrapped up in reusable XPages controls. You can browse the widget gallery to see some of these widgets, e.g. the AnalogGauge widget.

Stephan Wissel also provided a list of controls in an earlier blog post. And some companies provide controls for other platforms, e.g. telerik and Devexpress.

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