I have uploaded a new version of Source Sniffer to OpenNTF. Source Sniffer v3.0 now has some great new features. Please let me know by using the rating features how you like the program or post some feedback here.

75% faster than Source Sniffer v2.x
Source Sniffer has almost been build again from the ground up. It does not use the DXL exporter anymore to get to the source code. Instead, all files in the NSF will be synced to your local harddrive. The second time you'll load the application into Source Sniffer, it only updates those files that are changed.

Optimized search results
Because Source Sniffer searches the local files for all text, it reaches all places where your code might be 'hidden'. It even finds code in passthrough html on your forms / subforms!

Improved user interface
Some features from Source Sniffer v2.x are taken out of this version. Now the user interface is becoming cleaner and clearer. The big Source Sniffer logo has been moved to another smaller location. Applications using the new Notes 8.5.2 32bit icon are displayed using this icon, so it's easier to find the right application in the list.

New features
One of the new features is the ability to 'reload' an application that is already in Source Sniffer, it is still possible to remove an application from the list.
The 'show info' menu item will display some generic info about the selected design element, like the alias, last changed date and comment. Future versions will include more information here.  
The 'get references' function now always retrieves the alias name of the design element, when searching both names are searched.
*All*  files are now being displayed and searchable in Source Sniffer. Even 'hidden' java packages and files are now listed.

Download the release here.

Check out the documentation here.

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