I just uploaded a new release of XPages Mobile Controls.

Since the project has grown for more than a year it wasn't that easy to consume for some people. So I've spent some time to clean it up. I've reduced the number of NSFs and add some documentation giving people an overview. The project contains now Dojo 1.6 which Frank van der Linden added recently. This allows building the typical splitted views for iPads.

The main database contains the main Dojo based controls and should be used when you want to start with mobile development. All you need to do is to download the NSF, put it in the Domino 8.5.2 data directory and sign it. Then you can run various simple sample XPages. In order to use the controls against your own data I suggest to just use the same XPages and configure them to point to your NSFs and views. That's much easier than to copy everything in your own NSF first.

1. MobileControlsDojo16.nsf

This database contains the main controls and is the database you should try first. In contains Dojo 1.6 Mobile and everything else to get started. Watch this video for how to get started.

2. MobileControlsWinkCubiq.nsf

This database contains additional controls based on open source from cubiq.org and the Wink Toolkit (not Apache Wink).

3. MobileControlsOffline.nsf and Offline.nsf

Offline.nsf contains basic HTML5 samples for how to do offline with XPages. MobileControlsOffline.nsf shows how to take a Dojo based mobile app offline.

4. XCamera.nsf

XCamera.nsf contains a sample how to take a picture with a smartphone and upload it to an NSF. This one is based on PhoneGap and requires PhoneGap to be used to compile a native hybrid app.

5. Login.nsf

This database contains some code for a login control based on the iNotes login mechanism.

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