I've developed an application showing how to find personally relevant information from social networks and other websites. I've called this prototype Deja Vu and would like to publish it on OpenNTF if people are interested.

Nowadays information is scattered more than ever. For example many people use Twitter, blogs and other social software to read news and to communicate with other people. This makes it very difficult to find certain information again.

The focus of the first version of Deja Vu is to provide mechanisms to easily add information from Twitter and web sites to a personal archive so that it can be later easily found.

Watch this video to see a demo of Deja Vu.

If you can't access the video you can take a look at the screenshots here and here.

In order to add a website, e.g. a Twitter tweet, you can simply click on a bookmark button:

A picture named M2

In Deja Vu information can be found via views or full text search:

A picture named M3

The captured documents contain metadata, the website as image and the content of the site as plain text:

A picture named M4

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