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This month OpenNTF is happy to announce that the xCharting XPages custom control project developed by Julian Buss of YouAtNotes has been named the May 2011 Featured Project of the Month.

xCharting is a ready-to-use custom control for making charting with Dojo fast and easy. Simply drag the control onto your XPage and set the "dataSeries" property so that it gets a JavaScript array with numbers, and that's it. You can have multiple charting controls on a single XPage.

with the xCharting custom control your charts can have the following properties:
  • labels for X and Y axis
  • font and font-color for labels
  • min/max for X and Y axis
  • show only natural numbers on the axis yes/no
  • color of the axis lines
  • theme of the cart
  • chart type (lines, bars, pie...)
  • height and width
  • tooltips yes/now
  • and much more
YouAtNotes is an IBM Business Partner located and Germany and is also a Member of the OpenNTF Alliance.

Learn more about xCharting >

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